Thursday, September 09, 2021

My "accidental Aleinu" before Rosh HaShanah

I was stupid enough to leave something where I could trip on it, and, sure enough, I tripped on it, ending up flat on my face on the living-room floor.  A trip to the Urgent Care center for x-rays the next day confirmed my belief that I'd miraculously managed not to break any bones.  That said, I wasn't in much shape to walk, so I had an excuse to ignore our synagogue board's insistence on holding services in person--I spent the first day of Rosh HaShanah on another synagogue's livestream.  But Tuesday afternoon, I took a walk that was just long enough to confirm that I could make it to synagogue and back on my own two feet, so there I went for the second day--I didn't do much standing, but I managed to pray and get home in one piece.  I was happy to see that, with all the "editing" that we'd done to the services, we managed to finish at least an hour earlier than usual, which was our goal, since our sanctuary is small and we can't open any of the windows there.  (No one admitted without both submitting proof of vaccination and wearing a mask.)  I hope to have a less exciting Yom Kippur.


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